AOL is a service provider which was earlier known as American Online. They were one of the biggest internet access subscription service which has been providing the users with a huge variety of web services. With services like buddy lists and instant messaging they were able to create for them self an exceptional place in the lives of the users. They began their journey as Control Video Corporation in 1983. AOL has constantly been expanding its roots by bringing in more and more services. They did face a rough patch during their course of action but came back strong by having the determination of being a part of the lives of its treasured users.


AOL has tasted great success in their journey and there was a time when America Online was peaking heights of success, leaving behind all their competitor. It was a phase where dial-up connections were increasing and the craze of the internet had just begun. Soon in its journey, they came down falling on their face. In the time after its failure, their determination and efforts to survive made them rebrand into AOL. They also introduced several services like AIM, AOL, LOCAL, AOL Video, News and lots more.

AOL in its journey has faced both the sides of the business, it has tasted the sweetness of success and the bitterness of failure. Recently, Verizon purchased AOL and gave them the stability that they had been lacking. The true nature of their journey has been highly impressive. 

AOL email can easily be accessed from windows and get the easy connectivity and quick access to your emails. Now if you need to know to the process to connect your AOL mail through windows, you should start processing for adding AOL mail to the windows. You should go to the windows mail app, and in the setting, you will find the option to add an account. There you can select ‘AOL’ and type your username and password. with these steps, you can start accessing your emails and other data in a single click and enjoy easy email communication. You can contact at AOL phone number for further information solve all of your issues. 

About AOL Email

Among the several services that AOL has brought in, the one that gained the most attention was their email service. AOL has been providing email services efficiently in over three dozen languages along with some mind-blowing features. This email services can be accessed from any browser at any hour of the day. It was recently that Verizon has acquired AOL, AOL then further went on to take Yahoo under its wings and then created ‘Oath’. With the amazing aspects that this email service brings to the users, ignoring the glitches would do no justification. There are several users who face some issue or the other while working with AOL Email. AOL has provided its users with AOL customer care number which works around the clock to provide all the assistance that the user would need while facing some glitch with this service.


Peculiarities of AOL Email

  • Ease of searching and using filters: AOL provides its users ease of searching emails, contacts and other important details with the extraordinary features.
  • Allowance for managing your calendars: AOL provides a significant feature of managing your calendars and the additional feature of subscribing, printing and adding a calendar as well.
  • The convenience of creating and using folders: AOL users can easily create new folder according to their preferences and easily can rename it for easy access.
  • Saving emails and moving messages: You can access the greater feature of moving your messages to a different folder by simply clicking on more option.
  • The comfort of deleting and recovering multiple emails: AOL provides its user a time-saving facility to recover the accidentally deleted messages and save it to your desired folder.
  • Panel resizing option: One can easily modify the panel size according to their preference and likeness in an easy way.
  • Disable the reading pane: You can easily disable the reading pane by going to setting option and then the customization option.
  • Personal customization of AOL email: AOL provide a complete advance feature to fully customize the AOL email structure and by changing the setting of inbox, space, previewing, font and other options.
  • Mouse and keyboard shortcuts: You can make some easy shortcuts as per your preferences in your AOL email same as you do with your mouse and keyboard.
  • The comfort of deleting and recovering multiple emails: AOL provides its user a time-saving facility to recover the accidentally deleted messages and save it to your desired folder.

The above-mentioned features are some example of the great supportive extension of AOL email. Once you start using AOL email you can find some other extraordinary features of AOL email and get the superior facility of email sending and receiving. However if you get any complexity or difficulty in using or enhancing the additional feature of AOL email you can call at AOL customer service number, where you will get the expert advice and prominent support from the guided experts. They will easily fix your problem with a promising solution and make you AOL experience quite improved.

Common Issues of AOL Email

The common issues which are faced by the user while functioning on AOL email are as given below

  • Issue of sign in with AOL Email
  • Problem while trying to recover the password for AOL Email
  • Issue when the AOL email is hacked
  • Difficulty faced when the AOL email is not working
  • Connectivity issues faced while working on AOL email
  • Problem on not being able to send or receive emails
  • Issue during the time of login
  • Malfunction of emails being lost form the AOL account
  • Trouble while enabling two-step verification
  • Issue of not being able to access AOL email on iPhone
  • Malfunction with POP3 and SMTP settings
  • Issue when the security question is forgotten while recovering password
  • Snags faced while trying to attach files to the email
  • Installation error while installing the AOL email app on mobile

It is not necessary that every user who uses AOL email would have to face all the glitches that have been mentioned above. A lot depends on when the email is being used for the malfunction to occur. It is essential that you understand the problem first before trying to solve them. Having a clear understanding of this issue would ensure that you are effectively able to solve the issue. You can also connect with the AOL customer support number to attain more assistance on the issue that you have come up with.
This would ensure that you have completely eradicated the issue and you would not have to face the same issue again.

Questions that are often asked by AOL email users?

There are many doubts that can occur in a user’s mind while using the AOL email. Some of the basic questions that are often asked by AOL email users and have troubled them from time to time have been listed below:

  • What can be done if AOL mail is not working on iPhone?
  • How to fix issues that occur while sending the emails?
  • What can be done if the contact book cannot be found?
  • Not able to sync the AOL email to Outlook. What can be done?
  • How to fix AOL mail login errors?
  • What are the ways to resolve AOL SMTP error?
  • How to fix AOL mail error 102?
  • How to download the AOL mail setup?
  • How can one use AOL mail without downloading the AOL Desktop Software?
  • How Can I Update AOL Mail settings
How to reach out to AOL Customer Service?

There are many ways through which you can opt for the customer support services and resolve any queries associated with the AOL emails. They can be accessed via the method of chats, calls, and emails. There are many errors that can be faced by some and not by others. What is important is to resolve the errors on a timely basis. Whenever an issue arises, it should be taken seriously and the users should search for basic troubleshooting steps. If you do not wish to indulge in searching for the matter on your own, then you dial the AOL technical support number and look out for the solutions by the technical experts. The help can be assessed 24 hours and 7 days. The masters in this field will be able to provide you with guaranteed solutions that would work for sure. The answers are well researched and the professionals are in a continuous process to extend their knowledge and look out for new techniques and solutions.