AOL email is an email service which is provided by AOL Desktop Interface. Users have been efficiently using this service since 1993. At present, it holds the user base of over millions of people. This email service also provides the users with the feature of accessing the mail in 54 different languages. Users can also access this email using the help of a web browser. While using this email service, users can enjoy several various features such as storage capacity, auto correction, themes, and many others. AOL has also provided the users with the service of AOL Email customer care number, where the users can connect when they are faced with some issues regarding the email service. This customer service is highly efficient in the work that they do and assure complete customer satisfaction.

Mesmerizing Benefits of AOL Email

AOL email provides the users with amazing features, and it has been one of the main reasons behind the success that it has attained. Some of the features that this email service provides to you has been stated below:

  • Extended Storage Capacity: You would understand that ever webmail has its storage capacity. While using AOL email, users get the benefit of unlimited storage space which you can use to store emails.

  • Change Themes: It is understandable the one would usually get bored with the theme of their email, AOL caters to this issue by providing the users with new themes and email background which the user can use as per their preference.

  • Message Status Option: While using the AOL email service, users get the benefit of checking the status of their emails quickly. You can now check whether your email has been delivered or read by the recipient. This option come in handy while using the webmail.

  • Spam Filters: You also get the option of filtering the emails that you would receive. It often is seen that the users would receive several pointless emails daily. In such a situation, one can easily filter such emails. Such emails would then directly be sent to the spam folder.

  • Folder Organization: While working on AOL email, the user gets the benefit of being highly organized. This email service has a well-organized structure where you would have your emails at one place.

  • Attachment size up to 25MB: AOL email provides the user with the facility of attaching files which are up to 25 MB in size. You can easily attach images, documents, PDFs and many other files which are under 25 MB in size.

The users can easily connect with the AOL Email Customer Service number and know more about the service and features that this email service provides to the users.

Common issues related with AOL Email

There are always some technical error or glitches that the user would come across when using the email services. But having said this, there is nothing to be worried. Most of this issue can be easily solved. It is essential that the users are well aware of the kind issue that they have come across with. Some problems are as given:

  • Sign in and sign up error
  • Malfunctioning while attaching documents
  • Unable to import contacts from AOL to Microsoft
  • How to recover deleted emails
  • Issue of not being able to download attachments
  • Issue of the account being hacked
  • Unable to access AOL email using iPhone
  • Issue of not being able to access the email account

If you come across any such problem while using the AOL email, then all you need to do is to contact the AOL Email technical support number. They would then provide you with the best possible solutions for the issue that you are facing.

Ways to solve the errors on AOL Email

Every problem that you might face while using AOL email has a solution to it. There is hardly any issue that cannot be solved using some troubleshooting methods. The users can easily connect with certified experts and find the most apt solution using which they can resolve the issue that they have come across. These professionals are available on a 24-hour basis, and they would also ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Hence when caught up with any snag, the best option that you would have is to connect with AOL Email Support number.

How to solve sign-in issues related to AOL email?

One of the most common issue that the users face while using AOL email is the error while trying to sign in. There could be several reasons for having to face this issue. But the users can use simple troubleshooting methods to solve this issue.

  • The user should make sure that they have reliable internet connectivity.
  • They should also disable the firewall protection so that it does not create any restrictions.
  • Also, make sure if the caps lock has been enabled and be sure that you are accurately entering the password.
  • If nothing helps, the last option would be reset the password using the 'Forgot Password' option.

The users can also contact the AOL Email tech support number for more assistance in overcoming the issue of sign in error.

Advice to avoid glitches

It is highly essential that you keep your account safe from hackers and any intruders. The users can take up some simple steps to prevent any such situations.

  • It is often advised that the users keep changing the password time to time; this would ensure that your email account is safe from any such vulnerability.
  • Always keep clearing the junks from the folders using File cleaner.
  • Always try not to access your email account using public devices and even if you do make sure that you sign out before leaving.

If you wish to solve the AOL error 47-AC-310 then you can execute the given steps:

  • Access your system with your admin account.
  • Then go to ‘Windows Start’ menu, ‘All Programs,’ ‘Accessories’, ‘System Tools’.
  • Now click on System Restore Option and provide all the details that have been asked for.
  • Finally, save and restart the system.

If you come across any issue, then promptly contact the AOL customer care to avail more guidance on this issue.

If you are looking for ways to change the AOL email password for Apple Operating Systems, then you can follow the given steps:

For iPhone
  • Navigate through to the settings à Mail Contacts and Calendar à AOL
  • Now you would have to enter your username and then click the option to change the password.
  • Further, you would have to provide the old password and then enter the new password.
  • Finally, click to save the password.
For Mac
  • Fill the login credentials and sign in to your account
  • Go to settings and choose to change the password
  • You would now have the option to create a new password and then save the changes.

If you are searching for the exact steps which would help you transfer AOL contacts to Microsoft Outlook, then you can take up the steps that have given below:

  • Sign in to AOL account and Choose Contacts.
  • Further navigate to Tools, then export using CSV option.
  • Save the files at the desired location.
  • Now Sign in to Outlook.
  • Click on the option of CVS
  • Choose the file from the saved location and opt to import.